Sleep Necklace



Another excellent question that keeps coming up again and again. So I thought I’d give White Howlite a good long wear to test to see if it really did help... And to quote Janice: ‘OH•MY•GOD!’
I’ve been sleeping like a log and waking up feeling so refreshed! 🌸
Not only that, but I’ve noticed a significant decline in the knots in my stomach - you know, the kind you get when things aren’t going the way you fondly imagined they would... and then you start panicking because you’re running out of time... and then things really start to go downhill and you end up getting cranky?
Not that that ever really happens to us perfectly calm and radiant women, right? 😆
This Mala is made with white lava and white Howlite to bring peace and tranquillity so you wake feeling rejuvenated. It also features white lava beads so you can diffuse your favourite essential oils. 

Here are the healing properties:

🤍 Deeply calming, White Howlite brings a restorative, peaceful sleep. It reduces self-criticism, formulates our ambitions, and increases our patience.

☁️ White Jade brings a sense of calm and peace. It supports us through difficult times and purifies our energy so we don’t internalise the negative experience.

💡 The master healer, Crystal Quartz restores the body back to perfect balance. It also promotes mental clarity and amplifies any intention placed upon it.

All malas are a standard mini length with a drop just below the bust. If you would like any changes please select the ‘personalise option’ and leave instructions in the notes box at checkout. We will do our very best to make your dreams come true!

We handcraft each piece in our studio by the beach south of Sydney, Australia. 
Because we make to order, it takes a bit of time. If you need it super quick, send us a message and we'll speed it up - otherwise, give us 10-14 days to make and post.

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