Sleep Gemstone Mala

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The pure white gemstones in the Sleep Gemstone Mala can help us release stress during the day, so we feel more physically relaxed and mentally calm at night, supporting us as we ease ourselves into a deep and peaceful sleep.

This mix can assist us to achieve a better sleep by shifting subtle energies to unblock the Crown Chakra. When the Crown Chakra is balanced, we tend to feel more in tune with our own divine nature, Mother Earth and the cosmos, helping us achieve greater alignment with the flow of nature and the cycles of life. 

Wear the Sleep Gemstone Mala when you begin your wellness journey as a reminder to trust the loving universal energy that watches over you. Remember this when your mind is recounting the details of the day, or you are laying awake worrying about things beyond your control. It sees the bigger picture and brings good things into your life when you are open to it. You are loved and cared for - just release, let go and sleep.


'My mind is quiet. I fall into a deep peaceful sleep and awake rejuvenated.'

Remember, to take time out to sit quietly and breathe. As you quiet the mind, you will begin to feel a sense of tranquility and peace replace your worried thoughts.


💡 The master healer, Crystal Quartz can help restore the body back to perfect balance. It can also support mental clarity and amplifies any intention placed upon it.

☁️  White Jade can bring a sense of calm and peace. It supports us through difficult times and purifies our energy so we don’t internalise negative experiences.

🕊 Deeply calming, White Howlite can assist us in getting a restorative, peaceful sleep. It reduces self-criticism, formulates our ambitions and increases our patience.

This Mala combines high vibration healing gemstones, pewter spacer beads with a gorgeous silver lotus charm. We can add lava beads at the back of the neck to diffuse your favourite essential oils. 

This Mala only comes in a mini length (see diagram). 

If you would like any changes please select the ‘personalise option’ and leave instructions in the notes box at checkout. We will do our very best to make your dreams come true!

We handcraft each piece from the best quality materials at our studio, just south of Sydney, Australia. Each piece is made to order. Please allow 10-14 days for production.