Thrive Necklace ~ Love



Alright, I’ll admit it. After years of struggling to change my identity from ‘designer’ to ‘entrepreneur’ (and feeling like a failure most of the time) I enlisted the help of a business coach. Yes... it’s true. I wrestled away my scarcity mentality long enough to pry open my wallet and sign up for coaching. 

Today we had a chat about how my business will never really thrive until I do a wee bit more self care. Turns out, I’ve been allowing myself to become depleted without even realising it! Sound familiar?🤦🏻‍♀️

So, I did a bit of research on some things I could quickly implement to replenish my mind, body and spirit. Here’s what I found:

1. Take a bath
2. Listen to an audiobook or podcast
3. Get more sleep 
4. Go for a walk 
5. Use affirmations 
6. Stretch
7. Get together with a friend 
8. Write in your journal 
9. Diffuse your favourite essential oils
10. Put on some healing crystal gemstones
11. Eats fruits and vegetables
12. Drink lots of water 
13. Get up at sunrise
14. Take yourself on a date 
15. Have a massage or facial
16. Have fun

Now, about this necklace... it is Mini length, but I'm happy to customise it to suit your needs. I can also make it in other gemstones - check out the chart in pics. Just leave instructions in the notes at the check out. 

Remember, we handcraft everything ourselves and it takes a wee bit of time to infuse all our pieces with love. If you need it super quick, send us a message and we'll speed it up - otherwise, give us 7-10 days to make and post. Also good to know: our studio is just south of Sydney, Australia and the postman usually takes 2 weeks to get packages overseas, if all goes well in the postal world. 

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