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Perfect for team building, a hen's party or just an excuse to hang with your friends or meet new ones, our Mala Workshops are relaxing, rejuvenating and just a wee bit of fun!

The Mala we make is based on the Kaya design, but you choose your own charm and healing gemstone beads to address your particular challenges. If you'd like to host, we are happy to travel to you or we can meet at the Kaya studio in Bulli, just south of Sydney.


An Eco-moment

How cute is this little guy? He lives near my studio and I really love him and his family, but he's having a bit of a rough time at the moment. He needs trees! And not just any trees, he needs the really tasty ones!

It's super easy to give this little guy and many others like him a helping hand. All you need to do is make sure all the paper products you buy are made from recycled materials.

If you'd like to do a tiny bit more, you can do that too!


On-line Workshop

Gotta love technology! Now you can do a Mala Workshop at home, in your pyjamas anytime... day or night in any part of the world!

All you need to do is order your materials. We will send them out to you with a link to our on-line video workshop. You can watch it over and over until you become an expert! (Then you can come and work for us!!)

Or you can get a group of friends together and you can all do it over a glass of wine! It's a great way to spend an evening.


Kaya StudioWorkshop

Come on over to the Kaya Studio in the quirky Timbermill Studios in Bulli and see where the Mala magic happens.

I run in-house Mala Workshops here whenever I have free time (which is rare) so it's insanely random. Keep an eye out on social media, or click that link below to see what dates I have posted on the website.

I am happy to take scheduling requests, so if you'd like to book a day, please get in touch. Also, If you need a creative solution for a kids party, I can do that too! I'm infinitely flexible!!!


Worhshop at Your Place

Looking for a fun way to entertain your friends and family... I suppose you could go with the good old Elvis impersonator, or you could host a Kaya Mala Workshop at your place!

That's right, I'm am happy to travel to you. I provide all the materials, you provide the drinks and nibbles and good lighting! Once you've booked the date, I supply you with a link for your guests to reserve their spot in advance. I also include images and info if you'd like to set up an event on social media.

Then on the day, you sit back, enjoy and bask in the hostess glory!


Find Your Host

So, you've been invited to a Mala Workshop by some fabulous person and now it's time to reserve your spot. Great! Click that link below to find your host.

You will be guided to a page where you pre-select your gemstone beads and charm. This is not carved in stone, so don't worry about changing your mind. It's just so I know what materials to pack to bring along with me.


Mum... Take a Break!

When the school holidays are approaching that big question looms overhead: what am I going to do with the little angels? You need a plan and fast. What will keep them occupied for a few hours and won't cost a bomb! Alas, all you come up with is a vision of mess, mess, mess! You slump down in your chair and take a sip of cold tea. Defeated? I say NO!!

Mums, don't despair! I have a solution for you!

Bring the cherubs to my studio and let their creative juices run wild! When you come to collect them, each child will have a gorgeous handcrafted necklace and bracelet to take home, made from brightly coloured beads. They'll be happy and you will have had a break!


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