Mala Workshop

Do our Mala Workshop whenever you want.

Here is a gorgeous Chakra Balance Mala bead necklace with lava to diffuse essential oils.


Make a Custom Wellness Mala
We send everything to you in a lovely kit so you can make a gorgeous Mala that suits your own personal wellness needs. Just click the button below to make your material selection. You can select up to four different gemstones, plus we'll pop in some lava beads to diffuse your favourite essential oils. 
Once your order has been shipped, we will send a link to the workshop video. Watch it as many times as you like! Who knows, you might become a pro like us one day!

Use Code WORKSHOP to get this delivered for free to anywhere in the world! 
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What is a Mala

Buddhist prayer beads or Malas are made with 108 beads and are used for counting while saying mantras or affirmations, or to focus on the breath while meditating. But Malas are also beneficial to those who do not practice such methods.

The function of the Kaya Mala is to bring an experience of wellness to the wearer. Our Malas are made with healing crystal gemstones beads to balance the Chakras and porous lava beads which absorb and diffuse essential oils.

Combining the medicinal powers of the oils with the healing properties of the gemstones will help to boost your vitality. And, you'll look great as well!!

Let's Talk Gemstones

We are all aware that there is a lot of crap out there - you know what I mean, the mass produced man-made junk that has no heart and no soul and is destined to end up in landfill. 

You'll be happy to know that we don't use that stuff! We do not use plastic, resin, glass or any other fake gemstones that are void of nature's powerful healing energy. 

All the beads that we use in our wellness jewellery come from Mother Earth. They are top AAA quality gemstones. This means that they are nearly flawless, they have the best intensity of colour and the craftsmanship is impeccable. 

Set the Intention

When Jenny and I create out wellness jewellery, we always put a little bit of love in. How do we do that, you ask? Well, I can't give away all our trade secrets, but I will tell you this:

Our lives our full of joy. We spend our time doing what we love and our customers send us gratitude every day. Plus, tucked in between a huge forest and the ocean, the place we live is bursting with nature's abundant restorative healing powers.

All this positive energy is infused into our jewellery. Our customers even tell us they can feel that energy when they wear our jewellery.

So remember, when you sit down to make your Mala, take a deep breath and release any negativity. Ground yourself and think of all the people and things that you hold dear to your heart. Think of the future and how you would like it to be... and then start stringing.

The result will be magic.


Trust Yourself

These are a few examples of combinations that other people have put together in past workshops. As you can see, the options are limitless and they all look fantastic!

Believe me, I have never seen a Mala that didn't look amazing!

So when you choose your materials, trust yourself and don't over analyse it. Most times, your intuition is spot on and your initial choice is the correct one!

That last pic is me wearing the Chakra Mix Mala. I wanted to give you an indication of the length. If you feel it is too long, I can offer you smaller beads that will make the Mala shorter.

Just include that as a special request in the comments box when you order your kit.

You are going to love doing this workshop!!

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