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for you

Our jewellery is infused with positive energy. 
Wear it when you need an extra boost.

Kaya jewellery

For your wellbeing journey

Designed to suit your personal needs, our wellness jewellery combines Chakra balancing gemstones with porous lava beads to diffuse your favourite essential oils. Wear our jewellery to effortlessly rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit.

What our customers say

It was like Christmas at the mailbox today! I love this Mala! It’s positively beautiful. I can’t thank you enough for designing something that will bring wellness to my mind and body. Thank you so so much! ~ Cindy USA


Founder of Kaya Jewellery

A long time  ago...
 I had just given birth, when a chiropractic manipulation caused my husband to have a stroke. I was new to Australia,  and had limited access to support. I struggled to care for him and  be a good mum, and totally forgot about my own self-care. I had to reach crisis point to realise my whole family would suffer if I didn't take better care of myself.

Since then...
I created my business to help women like me, strong women who need support to get through challenging times. At Kaya, we do more than handcraft wellness jewellery. We support women with  self-care and meaningful personal connection. Wear your jewellery and know that I'm sending you  light and love.  



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