Smelling doTERRA Lavender Essential OilsIf you use the best quality essential oils, you want them to last, but if you apply the oils directly to your skin, the smell fades relatively quickly. To make the most of your essential oils, put them on Kaya lava beads. I source the best quality lava from around the world and love how lightweight and comfortable they are to wear. Porous in nature, lava easily absorbs your essential oils, leaving that glorious scent with you for hours. You can apply your favourite oils as often as you like throughout the day, but I find one application will last for up to six hours. You don't have to clean the beads before adding a different oil or blend. The lava will absorb the new oil and it will become the prominent scent - or you can play around and layer the oils one on top of the other to make your own blend. Have fun experimenting! Marlowe xx