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Is a Mantra an Affirmation? 🤔

In short, no - a Mantra is much more than an affirmation.

Translated from Sanskrit, mantra means ‘tools of thought’ and they are traditionally used to focus the mind in meditation. The mantra is a sound, word or phrase with a resonating vibrational quality and is used to enter into a deep, consciousness shifting, mind bending, ultra-awesome meditative state.

Affirmations on the other hand, are words you repeat over and over to achieve a desired mindset shift... Something like:

"I embrace the healing properties of retail therapy."

On that note, I'm pretty sure our Mantra collection will tickle your fancy. We've made it with a mix of healing gemstones and porous black lava beads to diffuse your essential oils. All designs are highlighted with sterling silver and a gorgeous silver charm.

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