Enthusiasm Mala



When we feel joyless, these gemstones help release our negative emotions, bringing calm and serenity while renewing our positive energy and love of life. The healing properties of the gemstones are as follows:

💟 Amethyst has vast psychic powers, enhancing wisdom and spiritual growth. It connects us to our higher purpose and higher levels of consciousness.

💠 Amazonite has powerful cleansing properties. It purifies negative energy and enhances creativity, self-expression and creative problem solving ability.

🌸 Rose Quartz encourages unconditional love. It promotes deep inner healing, forgiveness and self love while enhancing our feeling of self worth.

⚪️ White Jade brings a sense of calm and peace. It supports us through difficult times and purifies our energy so we don’t internalise the negative experience.

This Maxi length Mala combines light wood, copper spacer beads and a copper infinity charm, with a drop at the navel. It features lava beads to diffuse your favourite essential oils.

We handcraft each piece from the best quality materials at our studio, just south of Sydney, Australia. 


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