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The powerful gemstones in the Survivor Mix can support us in our journey through Cancer, helping us to regain our inner strength and channel it to areas needing courage and healing.

This mix can assist us to maintain our determination by shifting subtle energies to unblock both the Root and the Heart Chakra. When these Chakras are balanced, we tend to feel more grounded in our emotions and less driven by fear, allowing the healing energy of love to penetrate deep into the body.

Wear the Survivor Mix when you begin your Cancer treatment, as a reminder to breathe through your fears and to connect with Divine healing energy. This can work to reduce stress levels in your body, which in turn may help to make your treatment more effective.


I channel inner strength and welcome healing love deep into my being.

Remember, to take time out to sit quietly and breathe. As you quiet the mind, you will begin to receive inner wisdom to guide you in your journey towards recovery.


🌳 Smoky Quartz is excellent for times of distress and can help us shift out of fear and into forward motion. Especially supportive during Cancer treatment, it is a powerfully grounding stone that gives us strength in difficult times.

🍓 Strawberry Quartz brings a deep sense of empathy allowing release of unexpressed feelings which can clear the way for healing. It encourages reconciliation with others as well as forgiveness and true acceptance of ourselves.

🌸  Rose Quartz imparts a warm loving energy that soothes the emotions. It promotes unconditional love, deep inner healing and self love, while enhancing our feelings of self-worth.

🕊 White Jade brings a sense of peace while channeling pure healing white light. It can help to purify our energy so we don't internalise our negative experiences, but move forward with radiance and health.

🌋  Lava is a grounding stone that boosts courage, giving us stability through times of change. It helps provides guidance and understanding in situations where we feel uncertain, vulnerable or threatened.

This Mala combines high vibration healing gemstones, light wood and copper spacer beads with a gorgeous copper charm. Use the lava beads at the back of the neck to diffuse your favourite grounding essential oils. 

We can make this Mala just for you in a maxi or mini length (see diagram). 

If you would like any changes please select the ‘personalise option’ and leave instructions in the notes box at checkout. We will do our very best to make your dreams come true!

We handcraft each piece from the best quality materials at our studio, just south of Sydney, Australia. Each piece is made to order. Please allow 10-14 days for production.