Harmony Mala

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Tension and discord compromises our mental, physical and emotional well-being. These gemstones restore balance and promote radiant health and vitality. 
The Harmony Mala is exquisitely handcrafted with high grade healing gemstones to align the Chakras and enhance overall wellness. It is made with:

♥️ Garnet for Success: Garnet inspires devotion to family and to our life's purpose. It also brings success and prosperity in business by keeping us motivated and productive.

✴️ Carnelian for Radiance: Carnelian brings vitality and warmth to our personality and deepens our connection to others. It also fans the flames of passion and sensuality.

🔆 Citrine for Abundance: Citrine channels the warmth of the sun so we radiate positive energy. It attracts abundance, and manifests goals of wealth creation and prosperity.

🌿 Aventurine for Serenity: Green Aventurine soothes the emotions, bringing serenity and inner peace. It enhances perseverance, feelings of wellbeing and compassion for others.

💎 Turquoise for Communication: Turquoise Howlite aids in clear communication, so we express our truth with conviction. It promotes being authentic, projecting honour and integrity.

🧿 Lapis for Intuition: A symbol of truth, Lapis Lazuli relieves anxiety while enhancing insight, intuition and good judgement. It boosts the intellect and broadens self-awareness.

🔮 Amethyst for Wisdom: Amethyst has vast psychic powers, enhancing wisdom and spiritual growth. It connects us to our higher purpose and higher levels of consciousness.


This Maxi Length Mala combines light wood, copper spacer beads and a copper om charm, with a drop around the naval. It features lava beads to diffuse your favourite essential oils.
We handcraft each piece from the best quality materials at our studio, just south of Sydney, Australia.