Evolve Mala

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Make a wish and rub your favourite essential oils into our lava beads. Now breathe deeply and begin to feel your heart open, letting the energy of that wish manifest positive change in your life.

These gorgeous green gemstones channel the healing powers of nature which helps to bring energy of renewal and regeneration into our lives.

It can assist us to achieve a reduction in stress by shifting subtle energies to unblock the Heart Chakra. When the Heart Chakra is balanced, we tend to have better boundaries and are able to say ‘no’ in order to prevent overwhelm.

Wear the Evolve Mala when you begin your wellbeing journey as a reminder to take time out for self-care and renewal. These gemstones will also help keep you mindful so you maintain focus on healthy commitments so you stay on track with your wellness goals.

Remember, the idea is to create a life of balance, so you feel energised and vibrant. Any stress you experience can be a flag that you need to focus on downtime. Health and wellbeing is the number one priority.

If you would like any changes please select the ‘personalise option’ and leave instructions in the notes box at checkout. We will do our very best to make your dreams come true!

We handcraft each piece from the best quality materials at our studio, just south of Sydney, Australia. Each piece is made to order. Please allow 10-14 days for production.