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Marlowe Richards

Posted on August 17 2020

Since my little stint in hospital, I’ve been experiencing a wee bit of pain. Not super bad, debilitating pain - more like the kind of pain that makes you tired and cranky.

I’ve been easing off the painkillers and decided it was time to find a gemstone that would help. Since I’ve been CRAZY drawn to Lapis Lazuli, that is where I started.

Well: Surprise! Surprise! 🥳

Turns out, Lapis Lazuli is excellent for easing general, grinding, dull pain and reduces those crummy inflammations that leave you feeling unenthusiastic and uninspired. Even better, Lapis is especially awesome in relieving migraines and headaches.

Not only that, it helps with that dreaded anxiety, bringing calm to the mind and making worry take the back seat.

I wonder if the two are related? 🤔
I’d love to hear your thoughts? 🤔

Anyhoo... Jenny and I have been loving this design, so we made it in Lapis with gold highlights. Looks awesome huh? If you’d like us to make you one, click here to get yours now! 

PS - if you suffer with pain, here’s the affirmation I’ve been using. It really, really helps: ‘I release pain and embrace healing’. Sending hugs! 🥰

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