Marlowe Richards

Posted on March 30 2019

I was asked recently, to share my story. Here it is:

I moved here from Canada to marry a wonderful man, and was just settling into motherhood with a 6 month old baby, when my husband suffered a stroke at the hands of a chiropractor. It was a very difficult time, but we felt grateful for every day. We promised to live with no regrets, so I left my professional design career to pursue my dream of creating Kaya Jewellery, an ethical business that promotes wellness, good design and meaningful personal connection. Now my life is about sharing joy and I put that intention into every piece I create.

At Kaya, we handcraft wellness jewellery for the natural therapy market with a niche in the essential oils industry. Specially made for people who use aromatherapy, our personalised wellness jewellery combines healing crystals with porous lava beads which are infused with essential oils to rejuventate the mind, body and spirit. We combine the meditation style Mala design with the healing properties of crystal therapy and the restorative powers of essential oils. Our signature style is sophisticated and minimalist and the feedback from our customers is they can feel the positive energy we put in.

Kaya is a start-up and is beginning to gain momentum. I would love the chance to share my story and inspire others to become the hero of their own story. Hopefully my experience will help them to let their own light shine.

If you or someone you know is looking for help with content for social media or podcasting on any of the following themes, please get in touch. Let’s share our stories!
πŸ’•Β supporting a sick partner
πŸ’•Β raising a family away from home
πŸ’•Β risking all to make your dreams come true
πŸ’•Β how to have a great marriage using gratitude
πŸ’•Β being a mum, wife, entrepreneur and still be YOU
πŸ’•Β self-care and life balance

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