Marlowe Richards

Posted on March 30 2019

Do you suffer from headaches or worse yet, migraines! Do you experience fuzzy brain, poor memory or dizziness? Are you fatigued but have trouble sleeping?

Sounds like your Crown Chakra needs help!

The Crown Chakra keeps us connected to each other and to our higher purpose. When out of balance we can experience deep sadness or anxiety without any obvious reason. We lack the desire to communicate and become less involved in the lives of loved ones, leading to isolation and a sense of spiritual disconnection.

But you’re in luck! White Howlite helps balance the Crown Chakra. This healing gemstone is deeply calming and can combat insomnia, promoting a restorative, peaceful sleep. It tunes the mind for spiritual awareness and a deeper understanding of the universe. White Howlite also reduces self-criticism and helps formulate ambitions, while promoting connection and patience for life’s journey.

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