12 Symptoms Your Third Eye Chakra Needs Help

Marlowe Richards

Posted on April 26 2019

👀 Problems with your third eye chakra? If yes, you won’t be able to trust your intuition or see through the down times to the silver lining. 

But there’s more! Do you suffer from the following:

💥 paranoia

💥 depression 

💥 anxiety

💥 nightmares

💥 skepticism

💥 poor concentration 

💥 inability to set goals

💥 narrow-mindedness

💥 denial

💥 poor vision/memory

💥 can’t see the future

💥 lack of imagination 

Alright!!! I’ll admit it!!! Some of that was me!! I’ve been wearing Lapis as one of my stock standard go-to Malas for two years now and I must say, things are getting better!

I have noticed that I make better and quicker decisions and trust my intuition more. My forward planning skills are improving and I’m feeling super positive about the future. My imagination is humming and when I write down my future goals, they seem to be achieved almost effortlessly!! I really recommend Lapis Lazuli - I’m a huge fan!!!  

Essential oil diffuser necklace - lava and Lapis Lazuli

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