Becoming Vibrant - 5 Dec 2020: Day 9

What is
Social Vibrancy?

What is Social Vibrancy?

Today’s topic is Social Vibrancy… and no, this is not about how fabulous your life looks on social media! It’s one of the nine key areas of focus for my quest to understand how we can age vibrantly. It’s an important one too, because social connections have been found to help protect health and lengthen life… betcha didn’t know that! 🌈☀️

Social Vibrancy is the area of Belonging and Support.

This area is all about the relationships we have, how we interact with others and how we balance social and personal time. It refers to our ability to:

1. feel comfortable in unfamiliar social situations and assert ourselves in the company of strangers
2. connect with others in a meaningful way and form new friendships
3. maintain strong relationships with positive people that support us through difficult times
4. feel connected to a healthy, nurturing and supportive community

It’s also about how we communicate, how healthy our relationships are, and how we manage relationship upsets.

My long term goal for this area is to become the type of person that is assertive, accepted and supported.

This is another area that I’ve struggled with. I left Canada and moved to Australia when I was 30. Since then, I’ve felt like a stranger in a strange land. I’ve made friends easy enough, but I never really felt like I fit in somehow. My friendships here seem oddly disconnected and I spent years clinging on to the friends I left behind. When I eventually found some Canadian friends here in Australia, I finally felt understood, accepted and at home… and a great sense of relief!

How is your social vibrancy? Have you got a vast support network or just a few close friends? Maybe you live far away from home - what’s your experience been like?

Go on now… share your experiences in comments.

PPS: That’s me checking Instagram! Opps…. busted!

Marlowe 💖


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A SMALL INTRODUCTION. I left Canada to marry a wonderful Aussie man and was just settling into motherhood when he suffered a stroke from a bad neck manipulation. It was a difficult time and I was left to take care of my baby, my husband and maintain the household on my own. I was exhausted and quickly realised that if I didn’t take care of myself, my health would fail and my family would fall apart. I refused to let that happen, so self-care became my focus.

Marlowe Richards creator of Kaya Jewellery

IT TOOK TIME. But I got through it and was determined to turn my experience into a blessing. I left my career in architecture and started Kaya Jewellery, where I create meaningful keepsake pieces that bring comfort and hope, helping people get through their difficult times, just as I did.

To support people in their wellness journey, our designs combine meditation and positive affirmations with healing crystal gemstones and lava beads to diffuse essential oils.

Wear them  to help you get past your challenges so you can reclaim your vibrancy. You’ll feel the positive energy that is infused in your special piece and it will help you move forward. I know you’ll love yours.

Sending hugs, Marlowe 💖

Article credit : Marlowe Richards

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