Becoming Vibrant - 29 Nov 2020: Day 3

What is
Intellectual Vibrancy?

What is  Intellectual Vibrancy?

Let’s look at Key Area 1 - Intellectual Vibrancy and see how it relates to the question: how can we age vibrantly? First up, there is a huge difference between intellectual wellness, mental health and mental illness, and I’m not going anywhere near those topics. I want to look at ways to go from intellectual ‘wellness’ (sounds kinda ho-hum) to intellectual ‘vibrancy’ (which is seriously kick ass).

Intellectual Vibrancy is the area of Learning and Growth.

It’s about creating positive mindset, challenging yourself mentally and expanding your knowledge and skills. It’s about being open to new ideas, thinking critically and finding ways to be creative. And then, it’s about sharing what you’ve learned with others so that they can learn and grow too.

My long term goal for this area is to become the type of person that is curious, adventurous and inspiring. I can do this by reading books, taking a class or being involved in new challenges that will stretch me - like that dreaded public speaking.

But what are your thoughts on this topic? Since this is the research phase of my project, I’m curious what you do to feel intellectually vibrant. I’m particularly interested in activities (adventurous or otherwise) that I can do to challenge myself - or books that I can read to stimulate my curiosity and fire up my learning and growth. I’ll give them a try and report back on my experience.

Go on now, pop your activities or books in comments.


Flexibility: Stretching the body is important but this is also true for the mind.

TRUTH. Our bodies need a bit of exercise and a stretch, but so does our intellect. Read a book, take a class, have a chat with someone new - try to get a fresh perspective and new mental input to keep your mind sharp and engaged.


RECOMMENDATION. As part of my learning, I am keen to try a vast range of books, seminars, retreats, wellness experiences or weird, wacky and wonderful natural therapies that will support my journey. If you have a recommendation of a product or service that I could try, please get in touch. I'd love to give it a shot and do a little video showcase to share with everyone. Please email me here:

DISCUSSION. For more fun stuff like challenges and deep and meaningful discussions, please join my Facebook group and invite your friends!

PS: To leave a comment, scroll all the way down to the bottom of this page. I am keen to hear your thoughts. 


A SMALL INTRODUCTION. I left Canada to marry a wonderful Aussie man and was just settling into motherhood when he suffered a stroke from a bad neck manipulation. It was a difficult time and I was left to take care of my baby, my husband and maintain the household on my own. I was exhausted and quickly realised that if I didn’t take care of myself, my health would fail and my family would fall apart. I refused to let that happen, so self-care became my focus.

Marlowe Richards creator of Kaya Jewellery

IT TOOK TIME. IT TOOK TIME. But I got through it and was determined to turn my experience into a blessing. I left my career in architecture and started Kaya Jewellery, where I create meaningful keepsake pieces that bring comfort and hope, helping people get through their difficult times, just as I did.

To support people in their wellness journey, our designs combine meditation and positive affirmations with healing crystal gemstones and lava beads to diffuse essential oils.

Wear them to help you get past your challenges so you can reclaim your vibrancy. You’ll feel the positive energy that is infused in your special piece and it will help you move forward. I know you’ll love yours.

Sending hugs, Marlowe 💖

Article credit : Marlowe Richards

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