Becoming Vibrant - 9 Dec 2020: Day 13

What is
Environmental Vibrancy?

What is Environmental Vibrancy?

Yay! We made it… the last key area in my quest to understand how to maintain vibrancy as we age is none other than Environmental Vibrancy. Its kind of a weird one, but it’s super important, so let’s take a look at it.

Environmental Vibrancy is the area of Stewardship and Harmony. 🍃

Environmental Vibrancy is about how we interact with and how we care for the world around us. This includes our home, our school or work environment, our neighbourhood and the natural environment on a large scale.

We need to live, work and study in a space that helps us feel safe, content and motivated to reach our goals.

In order to obtain true vibrancy, we need to surround ourselves with environments that inspire us to live a lifestyle that is respectful and encourages us to live in harmony with mother earth by taking action to protect it. To do this, it is vital that we have a connection to place and then feel compelled to become a custodian of that place.

Eco-anxiety is a fairly recent phenomena that is found to be closely connected with many difficult emotions such as grief, guilt, anger and despair. Our homes can be a havens from these experiences, as it can be a refuge that provides comfort and security. But our immediate environment is also a place where we explore and develop our identities, so inevitably every little detail we put in those environments and how we care for these places is a reflection of our personality, and how we value and care for ourselves.

My long term goal for this area is to create a home and work environment that is organised, tranquil and purposeful. This means decluttering in a massive way! Look out skip bin… here I come!

How’s your environmental vibrancy? If your home is a reflection of you, what does it say about you? Have you got any big plans for your immediate surroundings? How about mother earth - any favourite eco habits, products or ideas that you can recommend to help us preserve our beautiful planet?

Go on now… pop your amazing suggestions in comments.
Marlowe 💖


RECOMMENDATION. As part of my learning, I am keen to try a vast range of books, seminars, retreats, wellness experiences or weird, wacky and wonderful natural therapies that will support my journey. If you have a recommendation of a product or service that I could try, please get in touch. I'd love to give it a shot and do a little video showcase to share with everyone. Please email me here:

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A SMALL INTRODUCTION. I left Canada to marry a wonderful Aussie man and was just settling into motherhood when he suffered a stroke from a bad neck manipulation. It was a difficult time and I was left to take care of my baby, my husband and maintain the household on my own. I was exhausted and quickly realised that if I didn’t take care of myself, my health would fail and my family would fall apart. I refused to let that happen, so self-care became my focus.

Marlowe Richards creator of Kaya Jewellery

IT TOOK TIME. But I got through it and was determined to turn my experience into a blessing. I left my career in architecture and started Kaya Jewellery, where I create meaningful keepsake pieces that bring comfort and hope, helping people get through their difficult times, just as I did.

To support people in their wellness journey, our designs combine meditation and positive affirmations with healing crystal gemstones and lava beads to diffuse essential oils.

Wear them  to help you get past your challenges so you can reclaim your vibrancy. You’ll feel the positive energy that is infused in your special piece and it will help you move forward. I know you’ll love yours.

Sending hugs, Marlowe 💖

Article credit : Marlowe Richards

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