Becoming Vibrant - 10 Dec 2020: Day 14

7 Ways to
Improve Your Sleep

7 Ways to Improve Your Sleep

Wow! Today I am feeling less than vibrant. I got up and did my morning routine and was perfectly fine. Then I went to the studio and tried to work but instead cranked out a rip-snorting headache. At 2pm I decided to can it and went home to bed. Can you believe I slept for five hours! I feel better, but I still have that dang headache!

As I was trying to wake up to write this, my son came in for a chat. We were discussing sleep and he told me that, when he was 12 years old, he did a bunch of research on sleep. Yes… a 12 year old!

Apparently he uses these techniques all the time - who knew? 🤷🏻‍♀️

1. Sleep in 90 minute increments (3 hours, 6 hours, 7.5 hours etc). This totally blows the ‘get 8 hours sleep a night’ theory out of the water, but it makes sense. Researchers have found that the secret isn’t the amount of sleep, but that number itself. Try 90 minute increments… my son swears by it!

2. Have a warm shower before bed. Studies have shown that a warm shower helps with thermo-regulation, the process of cooling the body before sleep. The shower heats the body, and as we dry off, the water evaporates from the skin and cools us down, signalling to the brain that it's time to sleep.

3. Get 30 minutes of morning sun. Try to get exposure to sunlight within the first hour of waking. This helps to regulate our body clock and energise us for the day and helps us to power down at night.

4. Ditch the screens 1 hour before bed. Put away all technology: the phone, tablet and TV well before its time for sleep. They emit a blue light that suppresses melatonin, a key ingredient for sleep. Melatonin is a hormone that controls the sleep-wake cycle. When we run low on it, we experience insomnia, tiredness during the day and irritability. And nobody needs that in their life! 💕

5. Minimise light and sound. Well that’s a no-brainer… for me at least. I am blessed to live in an extremely quiet neighbourhood. Sometimes, it is so quiet, we can hear the waves from the ocean as we drift off to sleep. This is not the case for everyone. I remember staying in dodgy hotel rooms that have noise outside and having a terrible sleep. So yes, it’s a thing.

6. Go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day. This routine helps to regulate your body clock. I have found it more beneficial to force myself to wake up early every morning (which has quickly become a habit, so no alarm required) and the night time routine takes care of itself. Call me old, but I can’t keep my eyes open passed 10pm anymore!

7. Wear the crystal gemstone White Howlite during the day. Deeply calming, White Howlite prepares the mind and body for a restorative, peaceful sleep. It reduces self-criticism and eases the worries that often wake us in the middle of the night by bringing patience and acceptance of our journey. (Find Gems Here)

How smart is this child! He makes me so proud (even if he is a little weird) - I didn’t really say that, did I? Muma loves you Hayden… tee hee!

Seriously though, how are you going with your sleep? I was asked to design a special mala for sleep for a customer a while back. I decided to add it to my collection and it became one of my biggest sellers. I only say this because I was blown away with how many people struggle with sleep. I had no idea! Typically I sleep like the proverbial log. How about you?

Go on now… pop your sleep stories in comments. 😴 💤
Marlowe (night night) 💖


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A SMALL INTRODUCTION. I left Canada to marry a wonderful Aussie man and was just settling into motherhood when he suffered a stroke from a bad neck manipulation. It was a difficult time and I was left to take care of my baby, my husband and maintain the household on my own. I was exhausted and quickly realised that if I didn’t take care of myself, my health would fail and my family would fall apart. I refused to let that happen, so self-care became my focus.

Marlowe Richards creator of Kaya Jewellery

IT TOOK TIME. But I got through it and was determined to turn my experience into a blessing. I left my career in architecture and started Kaya Jewellery, where I create meaningful keepsake pieces that bring comfort and hope, helping people get through their difficult times, just as I did.

To support people in their wellness journey, our designs combine meditation and positive affirmations with healing crystal gemstones and lava beads to diffuse essential oils.

Wear them  to help you get past your challenges so you can reclaim your vibrancy. You’ll feel the positive energy that is infused in your special piece and it will help you move forward. I know you’ll love yours.

Sending hugs, Marlowe 💖

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