5 Crystals for Productivity and Motivation

by Marlowe Richards
5 Crystals for Productivity and Motivation

5 Crystals for Productivity
and Motivation

Geez Louise, its a weird time! We've got Coronavirus sweeping the planet and we are all trying to make sense of wtf is going on: social distancing, face masks, lockdowns, ok... but people spitting on service workers, brawls over toilet paper in the supermarkets? Are you kidding me! I think some people have really lost it, while others are just trying to create a new normal amidst all the upheaval and uncertainty. For many of us, this means working from home and that brings a whole new set of challenges. Of course, we all love NOT having to commute through hours of traffic and totally dig working from bed in our pjs, but it seems almost  impossible to stay as motivated and productive. 


Absolutely. Personally, I have been struggling for a while now with my motivation, never mind  my productivity! That's been in the toilet for months now. But all this moping around has even led me to question the viability of my beloved small  business. It's gotten so bad, I've actually contemplated shutting it down and getting a sole destroying  job in a call centre using a made up name like Janice.

Get a Grip. I finally realised it was time to screw my head on properly and do something to get out of my funk.  As it turns out, my lovely friend Sally is kinda in the same space (which I have to admit, I was happy about... only because it means I'm not alone). So, as I'm struggling to get my mojo back, Sally sends me a message asking for my thoughts on how to help her to stay motivated and productive. 

Back to Work. Well thanks Sally, challenge accepted! I went straight to work and got down to some serious research on which crystal gemstone beads I could use in my designs that would help with this problem. I figure, if me and Sally are feeling this way, then others must be too and maybe I can help. Here's what I found:


Garnet is the stone of success and is great for promoting power and courage. Wear it while working to boost productivity and performance while enhancing output quality and eye for detail. It also promotes creative thinking and opens our eyes to opportunity. Garnet is great for the Root Chakra and helps us navigate business relationships as it protects against toxic energy. Click here for more GARNET


Onyx is great for transforming negativity to positivity. In terms of productivity, it is great for creating a sense of empowerment, endurance, determination and mental clarity. It works on the Root Chakra, for grounding and stability and unblocks energy channels, encouraging for a balanced sense of personal power. Click here for more ONYX


Citrine is the stone of abundance, and aids in finding our true purpose in life. It opens the Sacral Chakra, where  creativity and imagination are activated, allowing us to manifest our dreams into reality. This stone also helps attract more joy and success to aid in finding our path and attaining mastery at it. Click here for more CITRINE


Tiger's Eye helps keep things flowing and focused. It is very effective in eliminating a scattered brain, helping us to make confident decisions. It works from our power centre, the Solar Plexus, the location of self-esteem and confidence. It gives us the fire in the belly and helps propel us forward and guide our energies towards achievement in business. Click here for more TIGER'S EYE


Green Aventurine is great for increasing prosperity. It aligns the Heart Chakra, opening us up to our self-worth so we don't come from a place of lack. Green Aventurine enhances our ability to attract good fortune and advancement. It also reduces work related stress and anxiety, allowing us to keep calm. With our emotions in balance, we can work towards creating a calm environment that will be productive and manifest the things we want. Click here for more GREEN AVENTURINE


This article was inspired by a social media post and the discussion that followed. Below is the photo of the new design and the video that describes it in more detail. This necklace is made from tiny wood beads and can be custom made with the above gemstones for motivation or any others that tickle your fancy. And, as with all my designs, I'm happy to add some lava beads so you can use it to diffuse your favourite essential oils.


You may be wondering what oils I would recommend to boost motivation and productivity. Well, here are my three top picks to give you a lift and get you going. 

Wild Orange: This top selling essential oil is known for its sweet, fresh and refreshing aroma. It has a stimulating and uplifting characteristic, imparting a burst of energy when you diffuse it. 

Motivate: This oil blend is formulated to help promote feelings of confidence, courage, and belief. It had an uplifting and positive aroma and is ideal to use in times when negative emotions are present.

Blue Tansy: This is an excellent oil if you are feeling resistant to change or feel you've become stagnant. It helps get you unstuck so you can recharge your passions and begin to move forward.

Click here for more OILS


As I come out of this phase self-doubt and uncertainty, I've realised that the biggest buzz I get in life, the biggest thing that keeps me motivated and productive, is to use my creativity to connect with people in an authentic and meaningful way and then to help them feel better through my jewellery. Having said that, if you'd like a design made with the above gemstones, or any other that will assist with your challenges, please get in touch. I'd love to help.



I left Canada to marry a wonderful Aussie man. As I was settling into motherhood, my husband suffered a stroke from a neck injury. It was a very challenging time, but we promised to live with no regrets, so I left my interior design career to pursue my dream of owning my own business: Kaya Jewellery.

I wanted to use my design skills to help people get through difficult times, just as I had. I also wanted to create something timeless and meaningful while bringing comfort and hope. The Kaya Mala does just that. Our Malas combine meditation and mindfulness practice with healing gemstones and the aromatic delights of essential oils, giving people an added level of support on their wellness journey.

I am proud of Kaya Jewellery, an eco-conscious business dedicated to wellness, good design and meaningful personal connection. I am committed to sharing positive energy and we put that intention into every piece we make. I hope you love yours.

All the best, Marlowe

Article credit : Marlowe Richards  (www.kayajewellery.com.au)

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