Becoming Vibrant - 4 Mar 2021: Day 98

3 Key Ways to
Embrace Minimalism

3 Key Ways to Embrace Minimalism

Otherwise known as ‘Conscious Consumerism’... I’m not big on ‘stuff’ and I’m no damn good at throwing things away either. When I do create a pile to go to the Salvos, it sits at the door for weeks - and when it finally makes it into the boot of the car, it stays there for several more weeks... Alright! I’ll admit it! More like months!

Part of the reason I love minimalism, is that I’m a total greenie. I hate the thought of putting unnecessary consumer junk into landfill.
I also love authentic things... things with ‘soul’ - so I try to avoid mass-produced factory made goods whenever there is an alternative, like locally made or hand-crafted products.

I also hate the thought of supporting slave labour in some third world country, so I look for ethical brands.

This means I’ve become very particular (some may go so far as to say FUSSY) about the things that I bring into my life. Here’s the guidelines I follow:

1. Only buy what you really, really love. If you can’t find what you really love, then just WAIT. Don’t buy a crappy throw away interim item instead. Just be patient and get what you truly want. That way, you will take good care of it and treasure it for years to come.

I spent years driving a beat up old car. I loved it when I got it, but after owning it for ten years, I was embarrassed to drive it because of its dings and dents and peeling paint. I needed to replace it, but I held on for years until I found the perfect new (used) car, and I was happy!

As for clothes, I typically go shopping twice a year and I buy some real investment pieces... (yes, I do pop into the shops from time to time to buy new undies), but I usually avoid just browsing the mall for the fun of it. I’m usually on a mission. I’ve even gone with a personal shopper on occasion to teach me what is flattering and which designers work best for my personal style. That way, I have a very small collection of clothes, but I love them all, and take very good care of them.

2. Spend big bucks on quality. As a general rule, the higher the price point, the better the quality. And good quality means it will last longer and not end up in landfill.

Expensive items used to scare me, until I started doing the math. For example: I bought a glorious leather jacket when I was first married. I was totally freaked out about the cost, which was around the $500 mark, but my husband encouraged me to buy it using this logic.

I wear it in the cooler months so let’s say 50 times a year. It’s a classic and I’ve had it for 20 years. That means I’ve worn it 1000 times so far, which means it has cost me 50 cents per wear! And that cost will go down as the years pass and I’m still wearing it! So actually, it’s been a very IN-expensive item.

3. Declutter often, and when I say often, I mean daily! weekly! monthly! Ever since my kids were little, I’ve never let them go to bed unless their rooms were tidy and all trip hazards were removed from the floor. Then, once a week the entire house gets a clean, wardrobes and drawers tidied and ready for the week ahead. Monthly I do a deeper clean of a particular room with a review of what needs to go.

This is not as time consuming as it sounds because we don’t have a lot of stuff. There isn’t excessive clothes in the wardrobe and only enough linens and towels to suit a family of four. Nothing is chock-a-block, stuffed or overflowing (except my heart... with love!)

I spent a lot of years in retail and learned the Sheldon Cooper folding method, so if my wardrobes and cupboards aren’t organised I develop a twitch!

I also firmly believe that clutter creates blocked energy. I have no crap under beds or shoved in places that it doesn’t belong. Heck, I can’t even sleep if the wardrobe doors are open!

This makes me sound like a clean freak, but I’m not really. Sometimes I’m a huge piglet and stuff gets left in mystery piles all over the house... especially when work is crazy busy, but I always get back on track quickly.

I think that’s it. Got anything to add?


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A SMALL INTRODUCTION. I left Canada to marry a wonderful Aussie man and was just settling into motherhood when he suffered a stroke from a bad neck manipulation. It was a difficult time and I was left to take care of my baby, my husband and maintain the household on my own. I was exhausted and quickly realised that if I didn’t take care of myself, my health would fail and my family would fall apart. I refused to let that happen, so self-care became my focus.

Marlowe Richards creator of Kaya Jewellery

IT TOOK TIME. But I got through it and was determined to turn my experience into a blessing. I left my career in architecture and started Kaya Jewellery, where I create meaningful keepsake pieces that bring comfort and hope, helping people get through their difficult times, just as I did.

To support people in their wellness journey, our designs combine meditation and positive affirmations with healing crystal gemstones and lava beads to diffuse essential oils.

Wear them  to help you get past your challenges so you can reclaim your vibrancy. You’ll feel the positive energy that is infused in your special piece and it will help you move forward. I know you’ll love yours.

Sending hugs, Marlowe 💖

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